Venue / Location
Senri Life Science Center

1-4-2 Shinsenrihigashimachi, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0082, Japan


Senri Life Science Center, the venue of eScience2020/GRP, is located in the Senri-Chuo area, the north area of Osaka Prefecture.
You can access to the venue within a few-minute walking distance from the following two public transportation stations:

● Senri-Chuo Station (M08) on the Midosuji line on Osaka Metro.
● Senri-Chuo Station on Osaka Monorail.



When you come by air:

Osaka has two airports where you can easily access to the eScience2020 conference venue.
The easiest and most convenient way is to land on Osaka International Airport (ITM).

* From Osaka International Airport (ITM)
  – Take Osaka Monorail to Senri Chuo Station

* From Kansai International Airport (KIX)
  Several public transportation options are available to get to the
  Senri-Chuo area. The followings are just examples.

  (option 1) Take limousine bus from KIX to Osaka International Airport (ITM)
             and then take Osaka Monorail to Senri-Chuo station.

  (option 2) Take JR train “Haruka” from KIX to JR Shin-Osaka station
             and then take Osaka Metro train from Shin-Osaka station
             (M13) to Senri-Chuo (M08) station.

  (option 3) Take Nankai Electric Railway train “Rapi:t” from KIX to
             the Namba area and then take Osaka Metro train from Namba
             station (M20) to Senri-Chuo (M08) station.


When you come by train

In the case that you land on Fukuoka Airport (FUK), Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT),
Tokyo Haneda airport (HND),  Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO)  and other domestic airports than airports in Osaka,
you may want to choose Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet train, options to get to Osaka downtown area.

Osaka has Shin-Osaka station where you can take Osaka Metro to Senri-Chuo (M08) station.
Please check how to get to Shin-Osaka Station from the airport where you land on.